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I can say so many good things about Katie, as I’ve received acupuncture from her for over 8 years. She is a very intuitive practitioner, often pinpointing areas to address that I’d forgotten to mention. I find her treatments to be very effective in calming my digestive system, i.e. no more belly aches. And Katie was my rock during cancer treatment! Being the kind and caring person she is she made room in her schedule for me weekly. I am certain the acupuncture I received from Katie helped my body process and move through the many assaults of the cancer treatment itself. Katie’s acupuncture always leaves me feeling calm and grounded and frequently well rested! And I have never waited for my appointment, as she is both organized and timely. I am grateful to Katie and all she has done to support my good health!


Liza Dupuis, Morrisville

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