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With every day stresses in our lives, we often will dismiss that our body will hold and continue holding on to, each and every one creating layers and layers. It will then carry out a play by play of such memories with a storage bill that will send shock waves through your soul.
They are called “Body Memories” They

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I came to my appointment with Katie Chivington after suffering from insomnia that had persisted for three months. I had tried herbal medicine and allopathic sleeping pills, various behavior modification techniques, and I was at my wits end. I would have a few good nights and then many more nights of restlessness. I had also worked with a community

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Jaw injury

I was being treated by a specialist in Burlington two years ago for a jaw injury. After 6 months and thousands of dollars out of pocket I was somewhat better, but not healed. My granddaughter had been seeing Katie for a back injury and I thought well, I’ve tried everything else. Within a month I was healed. I continue to

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I began treatments with Katie Chivington in February 2015 for headaches related to a TBI. It quickly became clear that acupuncture was the only thing that consistently and effectively treated the pain! Medications have come and gone, dosages have been altered, but if I go without a single acupuncture treatment, my body feels the impact. In fact, with acupuncture, I’ve

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