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Holistic Care

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to submit this testimonial. I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Katie’s for approximately six months. I came by her name as a referral from another healthcare practitioner. Personally, I was in need of maintaining my good health with appointments every six weeks. Professionally, I am a registered nurse specializing in holistic and rehabilitation nursing. When I come in contact with an excellent practitioner like Katie, I want people to know about that person’s practice so that more people can benefit. Katie is intelligent, gifted in her skills, compassionate, always seeking knowledge and improving herself. The first time I walked into her office, I knew that I was in the right place. It is warm, inviting and welcoming. I still feel that way each time I visit. I know when I walk in the door that I can put my cares aside and just surrender to her healing hands.
There is a lot of focus in healthcare today about patient-centered care. Katie goes deeper to providing person-centered care. She gives her full attention and intention to the whole self of a person, not merely the current symptoms, illness, or crisis. She approaches me in a way that respects and honors my essence. She relates to me in a way that reflects my quality of by being with me in a collaboration/partnership rather than the “doing” approach. Each visit we enter into a shared experience that promotes healing potential and an experience of well-being. She is always fully present with me providing eloquent care. For this I am profoundly grateful for her service to me and the community.
Priscilla Smith-Trudeau

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