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Acupuncture has been a vital part of my health journey for almost two decades. I first found this modality in an effort to regulate a very irregular menstrual cycle, where nothing else (allopathic medicine, herbs, naturopathy) was having any effect. I was surprised and thrilled with the results, and I started to go regularly to see what other health improvements I noticed. Over the years, acupuncture has helped with muscle stiffness, heart palpitations, low energy, adrenal fatigue, and most effectively, with treating chronic Lyme. I received treatment throughout my pregnancy, and I had a healthy, smooth delivery. Katie has an excellent bed-side manner, and we discuss more than just my bodily health; I appreciate the recognition that lifestyle, emotions, and events come into play when looking at symptoms and my day-to-day health experience. I’ve seen Katie for many years, and she is an integral part of my health team. I love how the practice’s lineage extends so far back in human history, and it shows me that acupuncture’s a helpful tool for humanity’s health. I go to Katie for her experience and well-educated understanding of the human body as a physical and energetic entity. Sometimes I have a period of deep rest in session, and always I leave feeling better and more vibrant. I can’t recommend seeing her enough!


Genevieve Lodal

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