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Pain Relief and Relaxation

I strongly recommend Katie Chivington of the Four Corners Acupuncture Clinic located in Morrisville, Vermont. I have had various hamstring, quad and lower back injuries over the years primarily from running. I was reading a Men’s Journal article about Ray Lewis and how he regularly treated with an acupuncturist for his football related injuries. At the time I had a nagging hamstring injury that wouldn’t go away. I decided to try acupuncture with Katie and amazingly enough her acupuncture treatment worked. Since that time she has treated me for back pain, quad pain, ankle pain and even for a cold, all successfully. Her treatment has boosted my immune system and I get treated even when I’m feeling fine just for a tune-up and to boost my immune system. Katie is particularly adept with the use of needles and has a calm and professional demeanor. I was surprised to find out that my acupuncture sessions are the most relaxing hour of the month. David Polow, Morrisville, Vermont.

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