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I came to my appointment with Katie Chivington after suffering from insomnia that had persisted for three months. I had tried herbal medicine and allopathic sleeping pills, various behavior modification techniques, and I was at my wits end. I would have a few good nights and then many more nights of restlessness. I had also worked with a community acupuncturist, and my insomnia hardly budged.

Then I had my appointment with Katie. I came to her feeling exhausted, hopeless, and frustrated, and I felt sincerely understood and cared for. She was able to quickly deduce what was out of balance, explain it in way that made sense, and address it through acupuncture. Katie also empowered me to do my own acupressure on key points when certain symptoms arose. I am truly glad to say my insomnia has resolved and I am getting the deep, peaceful, restorative sleep I need. I feel very thankful that I was able to work with Katie, and heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a thoughtful, caring, and highly skilled acupuncturist.

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