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With every day stresses in our lives, we often will dismiss that our body will hold and continue holding on to, each and every one creating layers and layers. It will then carry out a play by play of such memories with a storage bill that will send shock waves through your soul.
They are called “Body Memories” They get your attention. . .BIG time. We all need help with these layers. So I slammed into reverse for a bit…
I looked back on the week of May 14th-20th to recall what was happening in my life in that time frame. This is what I discovered…
I went back to 2006 to realize that was the year and time frame we sold our beloved store Chutters. Huge life changing event.
I looked back to 2015 to see that was the week we were forced to close our lil Green Top Market and lost our entire financial security. again, hugely life changing. I looked back to see that my sister Louise was diagnosed with stage four cancer>We lost her in July. Three short months…Phenomenally painful.
I looked back to 2016 to see my family and I had lost a precious member “Mikey” to suicide this very same week, and the aftermath of this was crippling. Monumentally painful.
“Body Memories” I was not avoiding these events, I just tucked them so deep they disappeared for a bit. I avoided,absorbed and tucked them deep.
This past week I have experienced pain on a level I can’t even describe. It totally froze and humbled me.
Going forward I will dig deeper to uncover what is in my “Body Memory Bank.” I will contact Katie “sooner” to assist in moving it forward.
In the past, acupuncture has helped me in so many ways to peel the layers off that “storage bill” I am so intent on adding to, yet as the petals unfold and I am forced to open it up, reaching to the very core of my being, this process is
helping me to release the pain of my Body-Mind-Spirit.
It takes a very special person to guide and assist on such a journey gently chiseling away at each block. Katie Chivington is that person for me. She sees all sides, all layers, all petals…She will not give in unless you give up. In this past week, and four very aggressive treatments later, it left as fast as it arrived. Amazing. I had to ask for help, I had to embrace it all. I had to let go.
She has a very busy schedule but managed to get me in, as she does for so many other people in need.
I am so very grateful for her abilities to see, help me conquer and embrace not only the pain but the circumstances surrounding it.
It all starts with a need. It matters not what the need is. She amazes me with her spot on evaluations and consistency.
Prevention plays a healthy role with any issue. Avoidance the opposite.Think-Feel-Act and then take charge. This I encourage you to do. I will.
Carol J Hamilton

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